Examples of Pieces Performed
in the Full Length Show & Tango Latin Review

Encounters (6 minutes): An edgy piece of 5 dancers encountering each other in a variety of ways. Tango, modern dance and theatrical elements are incorporated in vignettes and tableaus. Encounters (formerly Modernes) was noted in a review by The New York Times and described as having characteristics of a tightly knit French farce. A unique piece.

Fiesta (5 minutes): Full company, full blown salsa piece that includes individual salsa shines, solos and the fun of a salsa rueda (salsa in the round with a continuous and clever changing of partners). This is a high-energy piece.

Tango Garden (4.5 minutes): Ten dancers are required to execute the complex patterns that create (for the audience) a vision of an Italian Renaissance garden. Argentine tango and salon tango are danced and performed with calm, elegance and ennui.

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