Upcoming Performances

Friday February 15th -Tango Fusion will be performing at the Dance Flurry with the band Spare Parts. The performance will take place at 9:30 following their 8:45 Tango Class at City Center. Johnny and Diane will also be performing with the Vanaver Caravan at the Dance Flurry on Saturday February 16th at 6pm. For more info - www.flurryfestival.org

STUDENT PERFORMANCES - Saturday March 9th, the Tango Fusion Samba Student performance class will be performing at the Glens Falls USA dance held at the Temple Beth El. The evening will start with a class in Vienesse Waltz taught by Johnny and Diane followed by mixed dancing throughout the evening.

Past Performances

This fun event at the National Museum of Dance, was co-sponsored with Tango Fusion Dance Company, featured Swing dance classes for adults and children, general dancing, and a performance by Tango Fusion Company. Company members that performed where co-directors Diane Lachtrupp Martinez and Johnny Martinez as well as Deborah Otto-Jones, Richard Jones, Terry Julius, and Arlette Meader.

Sunday, October 21, Swing classes took place from 2:00 to 3:00pm with two levels of adult classes, a children's Swing class for ages seven and up, and creative movement for children ages three through six. The day also included plenty of time to practice all of the moves you learn in the museum’s beautiful foyer.

The National Museum of Dance is located at 99 South Broadway in Saratoga Springs and is currently open to the public Tuesday through Sunday from 10am to 4:30pm.

The Tango Fusion Dance Studio's Salsa Performance Class along with Johnny and Diane was performed at the Hispanic Heritage Day in Albany on September 22nd and at the Ballroom Week Show at the Colonie Center Mall on September 26th.

Johnny and Diane taught and DJed at the Albany USA dance on September 16th

Performed in the musical "Chicago"at the Art Center in Saratoga Springs, NY

Tango Fusion Dance Company recently performed at the Dance Flurry's Friday night Tango Event. Company members performing were Diane Lachtrupp Martinez, Johnny Martinez, Deborah Otto-Jones, Richard Jones, Arlette Meader and Juan Soler.

The company performed four numbers including - an improvisation to the live music provided by Spare Parts, a tango solo to "Zum" by Osvaldo Pugliese, a fusion piece of West Coast Swing, ChaCha, Tango and Jazz to Michael Jackson's "Billy Jean" and the finale was "Roxanne" from the film "Moulin Rouge."